My Bean Bags

So I told you I would talk a little more about my bean bags, so I decided I would do that now! Why not today? So, I’ll tell you what kind of bean bag I got and why I like it so much. Then I’ll tell you where you can get on too.

The bean bag I got is the largest kind you can get. It’s 8 feet wide by 8 feet long and 3 feet high. I got the black color because it seems to be the most popular. My guess is that it is the most popular because it matches with stuff well. I would think that the black on is easier to fit in with most apartments’ other stuff than, lets say, a bright green one right? So, I went with the black and red one.

red bean bag

So that covers the color, but they also have different textures, too.


The texture that I got is called the microsuede, or microfiber, depending on what site you’re on. It seems that a lot of different sites carry the same stuff. The even have the same pictures. I’m guessing their just different outlets for bean bags and probably just have one company making them all. I guess I’m okay with that because the bean bag itself is really nice. I’ll talk more about which store I bought it from a little bit later on. The texture I got, the microfiber, was the cheapest one but it is also the one that I liked the most. It has a nice texture to it and seems to be the easiest to clean. Kind of like a short haired dog, hence the name Doc’s Giant Schnauzers… get it?

Some of the other texture options they had was faux leather and pebble texture. The faux leather seemed like it wouldn’t go with my stuff, and the pebble was for some reason more expensive. I really looks just like the microfiber, if you ask me, except it has a “broken up” look, like a cracked desert floor. That’s fine, I guess. But I went with the regular microsuede from this bean bag collection.

Why I Like It

I like this bean bag because it is really comfortable and big. Like I said, it is 8 feet by 8 feet so you have plenty of room. You can stretch out and not have your feet hang off the edge. It’s really more a like a soft, pillowy bed than a bean bag chair.

It’s great for relaxing and watching TV. I like to do my reading on it. You can just plug in your audiobook (I like Audible and this site with public domain audiobooks) and headphones and lay out on the

8 ft

bean bag. I think this is a great way for me to absorb information. By not having to sit up straight or hold my body up, I can let my whole body relax and just listen to the information.

I feel like I get a lot more out of the books I listen to on this bean bag for that reason.

Where I Got My Bean Bag

I bought min e from a website called I got a very large bean bag – 8 ft model. They don’t have a huge selection, but they had what I wanted and that’s all I care about. It’s actually kind of good because it made it easier to decide. Also, I didn’t have to sift through smaller bean bags because they don’t even sell those. I believe their smallest bean bag is 6 ft wide, so even that one is a pretty good size. They also have a 7 foot round one and a 7 and a half foot oval model, too.

Another reason I went with them is because they have free shipping. With free shipping, I think they come out to be a lot cheaper than some other places, so it’s a good deal.

This is Our New Blog About My Giants

Welcome to my blog. This site is about my giant Schnauzers, which is what I call my bean bags. It’s just a funny name I made up for them. But anyway, I’m the Doc. I figured I’d get to know some more people by creating this blog about things that interest me. One of my favorite things to do is hang out reading on my giant bean bags with my giant Schnauzers.

Bean bags are great because they give you a nice casual place to read and think about stuff. I’ll be talking more about that in upcoming posts, so leave me a comment and let’s get to know each other.